Halifax County Superior Court 1888

State of North Carolina

County of Edgecombe

I Littleberry Worsley of said county do hereby make and furnish my last will and testament as follows:

    1. I direct that my Executor shall sell by auction on such terms as he may deem best that fraction of my land which has ben surveyed and plotted by William Britton, a surveyor residing in Pitt County, containing two hundred and eighty four acres, and apply the proceeds to the fragment of my debts and the expenses of selling my estate. If the proceeds of said sale shall not be sufficient for that purpose, I direct that all my personal property shall be sold for that purpose, except forty barrels of corn, three milk cows, two horses, my buggy, and fifteen hundred pounds of pork which in any event I bequeath to my wife the said cows and horses to be selected by her. If the proceeds of all of said property shall not be sufficient for the payment of my debt and said expenses, then I direct my said executor to sell enough land lying on the South side of my home plantation to supply the deficiency, said land to be surveyed and plotted under his direction and to be sold by him at public auction on such terms as he may deem best.

    2. After the payment of my debts I give and devise to my said wife all of my property both real and personal situate in said County of Edgecombe to hold during her life, and after her death unto my daughter Piney during her life, and after her death to her children who may survive her, and if she die without children, to all of my grand children equally, except the children of Joseph Harrell to hold to them and their heirs forever.

As above stated the personal property specified in first item of my will I give to my wife absolutely, whether my personal property be required for the payment of my debts or not.

    3. I give, devise and bequeath to Noah Meeks, daughter of Penninah Meeks the tract of land which I own situate in the County of Pitt, purchased by me of John Mayo, containing about forty acres, and all the stock and personal property on said land. I direct that said Penninah Meeks shall be entitled to dwell and reside on said land and have a home thereon until said Noah shall become eighteen years of age. If said Noah Meeks shall die without issue, I give and devise said land after his death to my said grand children except the children of Joseph Harrell.

    4. I nominate and appoint B. J. Keech of Tarboro the executor of this my last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I hereunto subscribe my name and set my seal on this 10th day of March, 1882.

Ed Pennington
John P. Mallett

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