Peel-Walston-Pitt Family Bible

 This family bible was probably originally purchased by William Peel, Sr. The title page reads...
The Holy Bible, Containing The Old And New Testaments: Together With The Apocrypha…, Buffalo: Published By Phinney & Co. 1852.

Scanned images of the Family Record pages:     Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4

This Bible was in the home of my maternal grandmother, Irene Pitt Arnold. It would have originally belonged to her mother, Eleanor Walston Pitt, who lived with my grandparents, Jim and Irene Arnold along with my mother, Josephine Arnold, until Eleanor's death in 1932. When my mother, Josephine Arnold Worsley died in 2003, it passed on to me after having been submerged under water for at least a week during the Edgecombe County flood of Sept. 1999. --Arnold Worsley, 2014.

The following is a transcription of the scanned images of the Family Record pages with some explanatory text added.
Note that Jesse and Eleanor (Lena) Walston Pitt had eleven children, only five of whom survived to adulthood.

David Peel died Oct. 13, 1833
William Peel, Jr May 20, 1862
Malvina A. Peel April 29, 1865
John B. Peel Feb. 21, 1867
William Peel, Sr. (father of Pernetta Peel Walston) May 8,1873
Anna Peel his wife (mother of Pernetta Peel Walston) July 24 1876
Martha Ann Walston Oct. 6, 1876
Henry W. Peel Oct. 5, 1886
Pernetta Walston (mother of Eleanor Walston Pitt) Mar. 18, 1894
Repsa Peel died July 22, 1895
Luisa Pitt (infant) died July 28, 1882
Dona Pitt (infant) died June 14, 1889
John Pitt (age 6) died Mar. 20, 1890
Ralph Pitt (infant) died Jan. 13, 1891
Mary P. Pitt (infant) died Feb. 24, 1895
Jesse F. Pitt (infant) died Mar. 11, 1899
Jesse Pitt died Feb. 10 1908
Eleanor Walston Pitt died July 21, 1932
W. C. Pitt died Mar. 3, 1951
B. C. Pitt died Mar. 7, 1951
Births (Pitt)
Jesse Pitt was born Oct. 26, 1844
Lena Pitt was born May 21, 1856
William C. Pitt was born Dec. 9, 1877
B. Cooper Pitt was born July 22, 1879
Luisa Pitt was born Nov. 10, 1881
John Pitt was born Sept. 13, 1883
Ellen Pitt was born Mar. 26, 1885
Dona B. Pitt was born April 1, 1887
Ralph Pitt was born May 24, 1889
Perry Pitt was born May 30, 1891
Mary P. Pitt was born july 16, 1894
Lena I. Pitt was born Mar. 3, 1896
Jesse F. Pitt was born June 17, 1898

Births (Peel)
Henry W. Peel, son of William and Anna Peel, his wife, born Nov. 9, 1822
Pernetta, daughter of the above was born Sept. 15, 1824
Martha Ann Peel Jan. 29, 1826
Repsa Peel born Sept. 1, 1828
David Peel, son of William and Anna born April 13, 1829
Zilpha Peel born Aug. 13, 1831
William Peel, Jr. born June 25, 1834
Malvina Peel born Oct. 26, 1836
John B. Peel born Oct. 5 1838

William Peel and Anna his wife married Jan. 4, 1822
Jesse Pitt and Lena his wife was married Jan. 10, 1877