Dicy Worsley's will (Edgecombe County Will Book F page 148):

In the name of God amen I, Dicy Worsley, being in a low state of health at present, doth by these following lines confirm my last will and testament beginning as following--

Item. I give unto daughters Polly and Elizabeth Worsley one feather bed for each with all the rest of my household and kitchen furniture to be equally divided between them to their heirs and assigns forever also one corn ed.

Item. I give to my son, Little Worsley, one colt, one bed and furniture, also one corn to him and his assigns forever. The remaining part of my estate my will is may be equally divided between my three children Polly, Elizabeth, and Little Worsley. I leave my two daughters Polly, Elizabeth and Little Worsley my executors to this my last will and testament in writing thereof I have set my hand and fixed my seal this 7th day of April, 1831.

Willis Knight 

Dicy + Worsley (seal)

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