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The Pitt Family in eastern North Carolina, USA

This data was compiled by Arnold Worsley. A list of facts collected from local libraries, the Internet, and family records, they are listed in order by Year. Send e-mail to: arnold@aworsley.com

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The name "Pitts" [and also "Pitt"] has evolved from the Norman French. The family came across from Normandy in northern France in the late 12th century.

Commencing with Gervase de la Puette, born about 1160 in Normandy followed by Thomas de la Pitte who was born about 1200. Simon de la Pitte was born about 1230. Thomas Ithe Pitte was born around 1260.  Robert Ithe Pitte was born about 1284 and died 1361. Then Simon Atte Pitte. followed by Richard Pyts, who married Johanna de la Poole. Johannes (John) Pitts born in De Curvyard, De La Pyrne, and married a Dorothia, and died in 1438. William Pitt was at Stoke, married Katherine Broughton and died some time after 1400. Sir Edward Pitt married Elizabeth Nicholai Willford, and died in 1455.  William Blythe Pitte was born in 1477 in Dorset and died in 1528.

So "de la Puette" had evolved by the early 13th century into "de la Pitte"; then forms of the name spelt Pyte, Pytte, Pytts and finally either Pitt or Pitts. Bearing in mind that these names were written down at a time when there was no spelling conformity. This coupled with spelling a name as it was pronounced in a local dialect would have resulted in many forms of the name at any one time in history. However, for those who would rather align with their perceived Saxon forbears rather than the Norman invaders, the following alternative derivation is here presented. Pitt (or pytt) is, I am assured, a Saxon name, meaning dweller by the pits, or hollows.

Source: http://www.anatpro.com/index_files/Page310.htm visited 9/10/2014

Note:  I am providing here some document scans in the form of gif files. The main drawback is they are not searchable with Ctrl F. A five-page printout that I much appreciated receiving from Millie Hannum. Each page is a separate gif file.  Pitt of Virginia and North Carolina: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5

Pitt Family Background
(from Chapter XXVIII of the book, "Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight")

The above family is that of the famous William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, Prime Minister of England. A branch of this family settled in Bristol in the reign of Queen Elizabeth and some of them became merchants and mariners, later adventuring to Virginia and eastern North Carolina.

This family traces back to Nicholas Pitt of Blandford, Dorset, who was living in Blandford in 1545. The arms of this family were, "Sable, a fess chequey argent and azure between three bezants."

William Pitt, son and heir of Nicholas, married Helena, daughter of James Haviland of the Isle of Guernsey, Justice of the Royal Court of the Island from 1517 until his death October 14, 1540, and his wife Helena, daughter of Richard de Beauvois of Guernsey and sister of Christopher Haviland of Poole, Dorset. Pitt had several sons. His eldest son was John from whom the Earl of Chatham was descended. His second son was Thomas from whom the Isle of Wight (Virginia/North Carolina) Pitts are descended. Captain Christopher Pitt, another son, was captain of the "Handmaid" a Bristol ship in the Armada campaign of 1588.

Thomas Pitt was a merchant of Bristol and Chamberlin of the city. He made his will as "Thomas Pitt, merchant of Bristol," May 1, 1613, and same was probated Aug. 5, 1613, as follows: "To my son William Pitt one lease for the term of his natural life of my tenement without the Temple Gate within the Liberty of the City of Bristol, which is now in the possession of George Tyce, Innholder, called the Saracen's Head; also one lease of a tenement which I lately built without the Temple Gate, now in the occupation of Thomas Arthur, esq., . . . "

The above William Pitt, son of Thomas and executor of his will, was also a merchant and ship owner and was engaged in the Turkey and East India trade. He died in 1624 and his will was that of a wealthy man. It begins as follows: "William Pitt of Bristol, merchant, 13 Mar., 1623. To my wife Mary 500 pounds; to son William 250 pounds; to son Robert three score and ten pounds; to son Henry 250 pounds; to son Thomas 250 pounds; to daughter Mary Pitt 250 pounds. . . . " Mrs. Mary Pitt made her will Nov. 25, 1634 and her son Robert was executor.

Children of William and Mary Pitt

  1. William, disappeared 1631.
  2. Mary, married Andrew Nowell (or Newell) and moved to New England.
  3. Thomas was probably the Thomas Pitt who patented 872 acres in Charles City on Appomattox River, Dec. 7, 1641, for transportation of himself and others.
  4. Anne.
  5. Maud, Married Dr. Richard Russell and moved to New England.
  6. Martha.
  7. Col. Robert Pitt of Isle of Wight, VA.
  8. Capt. Henry Pitt of Isle of Wight, VA married Anne Bacon Watson, widow of Robert Watson about 1655. He patented 450 acres on Pagan Creek Jan. 13, 1652, for the transportation of himself and 8 persons. He died about 1666. His son and heir according to a deed Aug. 27 was Thomas Pitt. Thomas Pitt married Mary, daughter of Col. Arthur Smith, and died in 1688 leaving a will in which he mentions 7 children.

Pitt of Isle of Wight and Louisiana
(from the book, "Southside Virginia Families")

Thomas Pitt made a deposition Feb. 9, 1664 in which he stated he was 28 years of age. This woud make his date of birth in 1636. Before his mother, Mrs. Anne Pitt, married James Powell, as "Mrs. Anne Pitt, widow of Capt. Henry Pitt" she sold Thomas Pitt, her son and heir, all estate of every kind she had by him. This deed was dated Aug. 22, 1666, and after her marriage, she and her second husband deeded Thomas Pitt 150 acres of land on a branch of Pagan Creek adjacent to Thomas Gross. In 1677 Thomas Pitt was owner of a ship "Adventure" which traded between ports of Va. and England. He was a very active trader in lands and tobacco.

Capt. Thomas Pitt made his will April 21, 1687, probated Aug. 9, 1688 as follows: "to wife Mary first choice of two of my negroes, 2 diamond rings, her wedding ring and enamelled ring and necklace of pearls." Legacies to children Thomas, Henry, Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, and Patience Pitt. "to wife Mary the plantation I live on as far as the cart path that goeth from John Champion's to Col. Bacon's plantation up toward the church and so joining on Thomas Gross'. To each of my daughters 5000 lbs. tobacco. Wife Mary executrix." . . . .

Henry Pitt, son of the above Henry Pitt, lived to have great grandchildren. He made his will Dec. 9, 1727 . . . sons William, Joseph Major Pitt 1st, and Thomas; daughters Elizabeth, Anne, and Patience. Henry married Mary Bagnall.

Robert Pitt, son of Henry Pitt, Jr., was born about 1740, married about 1758 Mary, daughter of Joseph Bridger of Isle of Wight. His first son was named Joseph, second son was named Henry.

The Pitts and Bridgers were related by several intermarriages. Col. Joseph Bridger (1627-1686) who built the famous Old Brick Church at Smithfield about 1682 married Hester, daughter of Col. Robert Pitt, brother of Capt. Henry Pitt, ancestor of this line of Pitts. Joseph Bridger II married Elizabeth Norsworthy and died in 1713; his son, Joseph III, who married Sarah Davis, was the father of Mary Bridger, wife of Robert Pitt.

James Pitt, son of Robert and Mary Bridgers Pitt, was b. 8/21/1769, d. 1830. He married Leah Phillips, b. 11/10/1777, d. 1824. Their eight children included Ralph Pitt, b. circa 1802, d. after 1860. More about the other children of James and Leah is here.

Robert Pitt moved to Edgecombe County, NC before the Revolution. He served in the militia during the War and received 15 pounds in pay vouchers. Joseph Pitt, son of Robert, received a pension for his services in the Army. Henry Pitt, another son, also served.

Robert Pitt and his sons are shown in the North Carolina Census of 1790 for Edgecombe County as follows:

Head of
over 16
under 16
Females Slaves
Robert Pitt 3 2 3 3
Joseph Pitt 1 0 2 1
Henry Pitt 1 4 3 0
Thomas Pitt 1 1 1 0
Arthur Pitt 1 0 0 0
James Pitt 3 0 3 7
Joseph Pitt 1 1 1 4
(Only other Pitt in NC in 1790 was Jesse Pitt in Randolph County)


1797 - Death - James Pitt, brother of Robert

1800 - Deed of Sale - November Court. A deed of sale from William Bloodworth to David Pitt proved by Ralph Pitt (probably Robert Pitt's son).

1806 - Death - Robert Pitt, husband of Mary Bridgers Pitt

1822 - Marriage - Edgecombe - James Pitt md. Rebecca Atkinson on Sept 11. 

1830 - Death - James Pitt, son of Robert and Mary Bridgers Pitt and father of Ralph,

1831 - Marriage - Edgecombe - Ralph Pitt married Lucy Atkinson.

1840 - Edgecombe - Census - James Pitt, 30 to 40, head of household with wife 20 to 30, 1 male under 5, 1 male under 10, 1 male under 20, one male under 30, one female under 5, 1 female under 10, 1 female under 15.

1840 - Edgecombe - Census - James Pitt, 40 to 50, head of household with wife, 30 to 40, 1 male under 5, one male under 10, 2 males under 20, 1 female under 5, 1 female under 10, 2 females under 20.

1840 - Edgecombe - Census - John Pitt, 30 to 40, head of household with wife, 30 to 40, 2 males under 5, 1 male under 10, 1 female under 5 and 2 females under 10.

1840 - Edgecombe - Census - John R. Pitt, 30 to 40, head of household with wife, 20 to 30, 2 males under 5, 1 male under 30, 1 female under 5, 1 female under 10.

1840 - Edgecombe - Census - Nathan Pitt, head of household with two males 20 to 30.

1843 (Actually "before 1843") - Marriage of Archibald Pitt to Mary "Polly" Moore in Edgecombe. Two children, Thomas and Nancy. Mary had a sister named Nancy.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - Becky Pitt, 50, owning 1500 in real property, with son farmer son Perry, 25, daughter Emily, 21, Jane, 19, son Freeman, 17, Aaron, 15, Willie, 13, daughter Rusia Ann, 11, son James, 9, and daughter Wright, 6.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - Calvin Pitt, 11, in the household of Sally Atkinson, 69, and others.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - farm laborer (for Jesse Powell) T. Pitt, 20.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - farm laborer Thomas Pitt, 21.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer Archibald Pitt, 74, wife Polly, 63, son Joseph, 30, daughter Elizabeth, 38, son Bryant, 26, daughter Nancy 28.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer Bennett P. Pitt, 35, with 5000 in real estate, wife Kitusen Pit, 27, son J. M. Pitt, 7, daughter Mary G. Pitt, 5, son B. C. Pitt, 2.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer H. B. S. Pitt, 27 with 3000 in real estate, Susan Pitt.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer J. P. Pitt, 52, with 16000 in real estate, wife Winaford G. Pitt, 38, son Jos J. P. Pitt, 17, a student, G. A. Pitt, 15, Mark B. Pitt, 15, John Ellin Pitt, 1 month.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer James Pitt, 66, with 2500 in real property, wife Charlott Pitt, 35, daughter Marion Pitt, 16, son William, 15, son F. Pitt, 13, son E. Pitt, 12, daughters P. Pitt, 10, Arrena, 9, E. Pitt, 8, Sarah, 7, M. J. Pitt, 6, son L. H. Pitt, 2.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer John R. Pitt, 43, with 2380 in real estate, wife Mary Pitt, 30, daughter Elizabeth, 16, son Turner Pitt, 11, son John L. Pitt, 9, Robert Pitt, 7, daughter Nancy, 6, Mary, 4, Louisa, 2.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer Ralph Pitt, 48, with 700 in real estate, wife Lucy, 41, daughter Winafred, 17, son Joseph, 15, son Theophilus, 12, daughter Lucitta, 10, Mary, 8, son Jesse, 6, daughter Ellen, 4.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer Warren Pitt, 23, with 200 in real property, wife E. Pitt, 17 and son Jas. L. Pitt, 1.

1850 - Edgecombe - Census - physician T. G. Pitt, 23, with 1110 in real estate, wife Sara A. Pitt, 17.

1850 - Marriage - Sally Ann Pitt married Bennett Walston

1851 - Thomas Pitt wanted for murder (source: http://files.usgwarchives.org/nc/guilford/court/hunt01.txt)

Guilford County, NC - Tilghman Hunt Murder, 1851


                      400 Dollars Reward
                        A Proclamation

By his Excellency, David S. Reid, Governor of North Carolina

Whereas it has been represented to me that one Thomas Pitt late of
Edgecombe County, did lately in the county of Cumberland, in this
State, murder one Tilghman Hunt, late of Guilford county; and that
the said Thomas Pitt has fled from justice and escaped beyond the
limits of this State.

Now, to the end that the said Thomas Pitt may be arrested and brought
to trial for said offence, I do hereby issue this my Proclamation,
offering a reward of four hundred dollars for his apprehension and
delivery to the sheriff of the said county of Cumberland.

Description - The said Thomas Pitt is described as being 23 or 24
years of age, five feet ten inches high, light hair approaching red,
has a down cast look, would weigh 160 or 165 pounds, teeth not very
sound and the upper ones project, cheek bones prominent, and has
freckles on his face and hands. He was last heard of in Petersburg, 
where he passed under an assumed name.

Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of North Carolina,
at the city of Raleigh, this the 19th day of March, A.D. 1851.

                                         David S. Reid
By order of the Governor:
Thomas Settle, Jr., P. Secretery
March 25 - 4t

Gov. Papers - Gov. David A. Reid Corresp.
G.P.127 & G.P.128
Folder: October 3, 1851-October 31, 1851, Box 128
More not copied by me


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1852 - Peel/Walston/Pitt Family Bible was published.

1855 - Marriage - William C. Pitt md. Druscilla Melton on Nov. 28 in Edgecombe County

1860 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer James Pitt, 19, in the household of David Villencer.

1860 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer Ralph Pitt, 53, owning 3000 in real and 9000 personal property, wife Lucy, 47, sons Calvin, 22, Jesse, 15, daughters Ellen, 14, Pernetto, 7, Lea, 3, and Lucitta, 19.

1860 - Edgecombe - Census - farmer Robert S. Pitt, 35, with 6500 in real and 15000 personal property, wife Pennina, 30, son Berry, 9, daughters Barbara, 7, and Joanna, 5, and son John Henry Pitt, 4.

1861 - Edgecombe - Civil War - John D. Pitt, 26, Private, enlisted for 6 months and was mustered out Nov. 12-13 1861.

1861 - Edgecombe - Civil War - Turner Pitt, 28, Private, enlisted for 6 months and was mustered out Nov. 12-13 1861.

1861 - Edgecombe - Civil War - Theophilus Pitt, 24, Private, enlisted for 6 months and was mustered out Nov. 12-13 1861.

1861 - Edgecombe - Civil War - Franklin G. Pitt, 35, enlisted and was elected Captain.

1861 - Nash - Civil War - James W. Pitt, 18, enlisted as private.

1862 - Civil War - Calvin Pitt, 24, mustered in as private.

1862 - Edgecombe - Civil War - Benjamin F. Pitt, Private enlisted in Edgecombe on Mar. 1.

1862 - Edgecombe - Civil War - Etheldred Pitt, a farmer aged 25, enlisted on Mar. 29.

1862 - Petersburg - Etheldred Pitt, on Aug 10 died in a hospital of Typhoid.

1862 - Edgecombe - Theophilus Pitt, 22, enlisted.

1862 - Civil War - William C. Pitt, 23, enlisted and died in hospital at Lynchburg of Typhoid in 1862.

1863 - Civil War - Calvin Pitt promoted to Corporal.

1863 - Lenoir County - Civil War - Private Jesse Pitt, 18, enlisted on Jan. 31.

1863 - Kelly's Ford, VA - Civil War - Theophilus Pitt captured.

1864 - Civil War - Calvin Pitt promoted to sergeant.

1864 - Spotsylvania Court House - Civil War - James W. Pitt wounded.

1865 - Civil War - Calvin Pitt shot in right arm and captured at hospital in Richmond.

1865 - Appomatox - Civil War - James W. Pitt surrendered.

1865 - Petersburg, VA - Civil War - Jesse Pitt was captured Apr. 3 and confined at Hart's Island in New York Harbor.  He was released Jun. 17, 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance.

1870 - Edgecombe - Lower Conetoe - Census - Jesse Pitt, 24, with 400 in personal property living in the household of Henry Jenkins.

1870 - Edgecombe - Lower Conetoe - Census - physician Frank Pitt, 10000 real, 2500 personal property, with wife Susan, 32, daughter Sally, 18, Fanny, 10, Cora, 8, Nora, 7 months.

1870 - Edgecombe - Lower Town Creek - Census - farmer Calvin Pitt, 32, owning 1500 in real and 800 in personal property, sister Lucitta Harrell, 29, a housekeeper, sister Penitta Pitt, 17, sister Lea S. Pitt, 13, Willie D. Pitt, 3, and mother Lucy Pitt, 56.

1870 - Edgecombe - Lower Town Creek - Census - farmer John R. Pitt, 62, owning 3000 in real and 500 in personal property, wife Polly Pitt, 54, daughters Nancy, 23, and Susan, 18, and son Robert, 25, a farm laborer.

1870 - Edgecombe - Lower Town Creek - Census - farmer Robert S. Pitt, 45, owning 3500 in real and 2000 in personal property, wife Pernina, 40, daughters Rebeccca, 17, and Anna, 14, son John N., 12, daughter Gatsey, 9, and sons Robert, 7, Edward, 5, and William, 2.

1880 - Edgecombe - Rocky Mount - Census - farmer Cooper B. Pitt, 33, wife M. Elizabeth, 34, son William B., 9 months.

1880 - Edgecombe - Rocky Mount - Census - farmer Thomas Pitt, 39, wife Sarah, 35, son Dempsey, 13, daughter Linsey, 11, son William C., 9, daughters Della, 7, and Sabra, 5, son Jasper, 4, and daughter Mary, 2.

1880 - Edgecombe - Town of Old Sparta - Census - farm laborer Jessee Pitt, 37, wife Lena, 24, and sons William C., 3, and Bennett Cooper, 11 months (b. 7/22/1879).

1880 - Edgecombe - Town of Old Sparta - Census - farmer Mark B. Pitt, 40, wife Rachel, 26, and daughter Susan E., 4.

1880 - Edgecombe County - Lower Town Creek Township - Census - farmer Bennet P. Pitt, 65, lived with wife, Ketura, 58, unmarried son, Hassell Pitt, 23, and a 12 year old grandson, John Singletary.

1880 - Edgecombe County - Lower Town Creek Township - Census - farmer Calvin Pitt, 43, wife Tabitha L. Pitt, 47, mother Lucy Pitt, 66, nephew Willie D. Pitt, 12, sister Ellen Pitt Harrell, 32, niece Mollie Harrell, 11, niece Lillie Harrell, 8, niece Louise, 8.

1880 - Edgecombe County - Lower Town Creek Township - Census - farmer and widow Mary Pitt, 63, daughter Nancy Pitt, 33, daughter and widow housekeeper Mary Atkinson, 31, grandson Daniel Atkinson, 12, grandson Calvin Atkinson, 10.

1880 - Edgecombe County - Lower Town Creek Township - Census - Robert Pitt, 37, merchant and farmer boarding at Reddin Lewis'.

1880 - Edgecombe County - Lower Town Creek Township - Census - widowed farmer Robert S. Pitt, 55, son and farmer John H. Pitt, 23, son in school Robert E. Pitt, 17, son in school Edward L. Pitt, 14, son in school William H. Pitt, 12, daughter and housekeeper Gattie E. Pitt, 19.

1880 - Edgecombe County - Sparta Township - Census - farm laborer Robert Pitt, 22, wife Lula Pitt, 19, keeps house.

1880 - Edgecombe County - Sparta Township - Census - farmer Theophilus Pitt, 41, his wife Martha J. Pit, 32, son Ralph, 8, daughter at school Kate L., 5 son Edward J., 3, farm laborer nephew James, 18.

1880 - Edgecombe County - Walnut Creek Township - Census - farmer Bryant Pitt, 57, wife Mary A. Pitt, 45, daughter Laura, 14, son Henry Shirley, 27, son William Shirley, 24. (These last two might have been stepsons.)

1880 - Edgecombe County - Walnut Creek Township - Census - farmer John R. Pitt, 25, wife Mary Pitt, 21, son Johnnie Pitt, 2, son James Pitt, 6 months, farm laborer brother in law Willie Harper, 25.

1880 - Edgecombe County - Walnut Creek Township - Census - Nancey Pitt, 45, an unmarried housekeeper.

1900 - Edgecombe County - Lower Town Creek Township - Census - Mary Elizabeth Pitt, born 1848, widow of Cooper B. Pitt, son William B. Pitt, born Aug., 1879, boarder Hassell Pitt, born 1855.

1900 - Tarboro (Farrar)- Census - Jessie Pitt, born Oct. 1843, 56 year old head of household, rented his home and worked at Hart Mill. His wife (md. 28 yrs), Lena, 44, was born in May of 1855. She was the mother of 11 children only 5 of whom were living. Their son William, 22 , a salesman, was born in Dec. of 1877. Other children in the household included (Bennett) Cooper Pitt, 20, born in July of 1879, worked as an oiler at Hart Mill, daughter Ellen, 15, born March 26, 1885, worked as a spinner at Hart Mill, son Perry, 9, born in May of 1891, and daughter Lena, 4, born March 3, 1896.  All members of the family could read and write.

1905 - Photo of Jessie Pitt's family at their home, probably in Farrar (Tarboro) taken around 1905.

1905 - Photo of Cooper and Frankey Mae Pitt at their home taken around 1905.

1908 - Death - Jesse Pitt on Feb. 10. His obituary from Tarboro newspaper, The Daily Southerner, follows. DIED At his home, here, Monday evening from paralysis, Jesse Pitt in the 64th year of his age. A good, true and loving wife now very ill with pneumonia and five children, William, Cooper, Perry, Eleanor, and Helen survive him. He was a member of Co. E., 43rd Regiment, North Carolina Troops during the civil war. No member of Capt. Vines' Co. was more faithful, more responsive to the call of duty.

1910 - Edgecombe County - Lower Town Creek Township - Census - farmer R. E. P. Pitt, 43, wife, Ida L. Pitt, 43, (md 24 yrs, 10 children lived, 2 died), son J. R. Pitt, 22, who worked as a rail road agent, daughter Sally P. Pitt, 20, son William F. Pitt, 18, son Edward L. Pitt, 16, daughter Ida Ruth Pitt, 14, daughter Lizzie Pitt, 8, daughter Lena P. Pitt, 6, and daughter Luaite, age 3.

1910 - Edgecombe County - Lower Town Creek Township - Census - farmer W. B. Pitt, 31, wife Emma Pitt, 20, (md 2 yrs, 1 child living, 1 died), son William B. Pitt, age 1.

1910 - Halifax County - Census - B. C. (Bennett Cooper) Pitt, age 30, worked in a cotton mill and lived in Roanoke Rapids with wife Frankey Mae, age 27. Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Roanoke Rapids, Halifax, North Carolina; Roll T624_1116; Page: 17A; Enumeration District: 57; Image: 127.

1910 - Edgecombe County - Lower Town Creek Township - Census - Robert Pitt, 67, a widower boarding with Van B. Summerlin.

1910 - Edgecombe County - Lower Town Creek Township - Census - W. D. Pitt, a 43 year old farmer, wife, Mary J. Pitt, 41, (md. 22 yrs, 7 children lived, 2 had died), unmarried son W. C. Pitt, 20, son Alex A. Pitt, 13, daughter Daisy Ruth Pitt, 8, and son Pender Pitt, age 6 months.

1910 - Tarboro - Census - Kate Pitt, a 33 year old widowed boarder and her daughter, Mabel Pitt, aged 10.

1910 - Tarboro - Census - Lena Pitt (Eleanor Walston Pitt), a 53 year old widow (11 children born, 5 living), lived at 305 Walnut St. with her three youngest children. They included daughter Ellen, 25, son Perry, 18, and daughter Lena (Irene) Pitt, aged 13.

1910 - Tarboro, precinct II - Census - hardware salesman William C. Pitt, 31, lived on Trade Street with his family. They included wife Nettie, 31, and 1 year old daughter, Jessie (Delores) Pitt.

1920 Edgecombe County Census Tarboro, Township #1 1210 St. Andrews Street - Perry Pitt, age 30 a Hdw [hardware?] salesman who owned his house free of debt, wife Goldie Pitt, age 27, and daughter Marion Pitt, age 3. (house 39, family 39, Jan. 5, 1920)

1920 Edgecombe County Census, Rocky Mount. B. C. (Bennett Cooper) Pitt, age 40, worked in the railroad shop and lived in Rocky Mount in a rented house with wife Frankey Mae, age 37, and daughter Jessie Mae, age 7. Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Rocky Mount, Edgecombe, North Carolina; Roll T625_1297; Page: 17A; Enumeration District: 19; Image: 159.

1920 Edgecombe County Census, Tarboro, Township #1, 124 Philips Street, James M. Arnold (head of household), age 27 a railroad conductor for the A. C. L., rented part of a house that was owned by Mrs. Lena Martin (head of household) with his wife, Lena I. Arnold, age 23, daughter Josephine Arnold, age 2 and widowed mother-in-law Mrs. Lena Pitt, age 63. (#124, house 30, family 30, Jan. 5, 1920) The J. M. Arnold/Irene Pitt Letters

1920 Edgecombe County Census Tarboro, Township #1 403 Trade Street - William C. Pitt, age 42 a merchant in a hardware store, who owned his house free of debt, wife Nettie H, 41, son William C. Pitt, Jr. age 6, daughter Doralese [Delores], age 11. (house 47, family 57, Jan. 6, 1920)

1920 Edgecombe County Census Lower Town Creek #10 Township “on Cassie[?] road from Tarboro and Stantonsburg Road to Wilson” - Ellen Pitt, single, age 35, “housekeeper for the family” in the household of her second cousin, William B. Walston, a 60 yr. old farmer who owned his house free of debt. Others: His wife, Mary Jane, age 59, son Fred, age 26, son Albert, age 22, daughter Mary, age 19, and a Negro servant David Pitt, age 25. (house 83, family 88, 24th and 28th of Jan., 1920)

1922 - Death - Frankey Mae Pitt, wife of Bennett Cooper Pitt, died on Mar. 29, 1922 from chronic nephritis.

1930 Edecombe County Census, Bennett C. Pitt, age 51, a construction worker on the state highway, with daughter Jessie Mae, age 16, second wife Maggie O. Pitt, age 40, and stepdaughter, Pauline O. Williams, age 17, a saleslady in a novelty store. Living at 317 E. Granville St., Tarboro. Sharing a rented house with a Cherry family. Taken April 11, 1930.

1951 - Death - Bennett Cooper Pitt in Morganton on March 7, 1951.

1951 - Death - William C. Pitt, Jr. on March 23, 1951.

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